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The leaders of the Equilibrium Institute –  Tamás Boros, Director, and Ákos Kozák, Director for Business Relations – visited Kazakhstan to meet with representatives of a local think tank, the TALAP Center, and share the experiences of the Equilibrium Institute’s national economic policy dialogue series.

The TALAP Center is a non-governmental think-tank established to promote sustainable development in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the aim of fostering social development, contributing transparently to the competence of leadership, and conducting objective research.

The TALAP Center is the first organization in Central Asia to partner with Equilibrium Institute and we believe this partnership will broaden our perspectives on domestic, economic, and foreign policy challenges and success stories, that exist in countries around the world.

The visit was a mutual success, as cooperation was established between the Equilibrium Institute and the TALAP Center and, uniquely from the Hungarian side, we will be part of a Eurasian think tank network as well.