Investment in the Hungarian people: knowledge-based society, social mobility and welfare. Re-designing the role of the state in the 21st century, creating strong Hungarian companies and laying the foundation of economic resurgence.

The happiest countries in the world are not those that owe their success to a wealth of natural resources or their favorable geographic location – they are the countries that succeed thanks to their own citizens.

They owe what they have achieved to the talents, knowledge and diligence of the country’s inhabitants. We need to create the possibility for all Hungarians to unfold their innate abilities as effectively as possible, so that they can draw on their creativity and cleverness to contribute to the success of their country.

In its policy work, the Equilibrium Institute regards the development of Hungarian human capital; the creation of a modern education system that provides competitive knowledge and skills; opening up the paths of social mobility; the creation of a knowledge-based society; and improving the work culture in Hungary as key priorities.

The relevant recommendations of the Equilibrium Institute are available for download below.


How do we teach democracy?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for reforming civic education

How can we become wealthier?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for boosting economic growth

How do we become a smart nation?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for renewing Hungarian K-12 education

How can every Hungarian get a fair chance?

Strengthening the ability of the Hungarian education system to create opportunities for all

Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians

After two years of research, the Equilibrium Institute has published its volume entitled Hungary 2030…