The staff members of the Equilibrium Institute and the members of its Advisory Board are renowned experts in Hungary who are considered to be among the best researchers and analysts in their respective fields.

The work of the Institute is helped by more than 30 experts, including economists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, urbanists, and climate researchers.

Tamás Boros

Executive director and co-founder of the Equilibrium Institute

Political analyst

He serves as a member of the Scientific Council of a leading European think tank, the Brussels-based Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS). He is the co-founder and co-owner of Policy Solutions, a consultancy and research institute. He is a recurring guest on a variety of political talk shows and often comments about public affairs for leading international media. He previously worked for the European Commission and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an expert on communication and EU affairs. His research focuses on Hungarian and EU political communication and populism.


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Ákos Kozák

Director of Business Relations and co-founder of the Equilibrium Institute

Economist and sociologist

Previously, he served as the director of the GfK Hungária Market Research Institute for nearly 30 years. He is the former president of the Hungarian Marketing Association. Formerly, he was also a lecturer at the Budapest Business School and is currently an academic research fellow at the Cyber Economics Research Centre. He is the author or co-author of numerous academic studies on market research. He is the 2008 recipient of the Gábor Klauzál Award (the most prestigious Hungarian state award in the area of trade). He is an expert in futures research and consumer studies and holds a PhD in the sociology of consumption.


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Gábor Filippov

Director of Research

Historian and political scientist

Previously he worked as an expert advisor in the Hungarian National Assembly and then as a political analyst and senior analyst at the Hungarian Progressive Institute. His analyses and op-eds have been published by numerous domestic and international media outlets, and he is frequently invited to talk about politics on television and radio shows. His research focuses on the European and the Hungarian far-right, on the histories of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and their present-day manifestations, as well as the workings of contemporary authoritarian regimes.


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Zsolt Becsey

Senior Economist 


Zsolt Becsey started his career as an economic planner at the Ministry for National Economy, then worked as an economic analyst and later as a modeller at the Central Bank of Hungary. His areas of interest are industrial policy, input-output analysis, macroeconomics, SME policy, and competitiveness.


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Dóra Csernus

Senior Climate and Environmental Policy Expert


As an expert in environmental issues, she has worked for the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations and the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, representing the Hungarian position in different EU, UN, and OECD fora. She later worked as Director for International Policy Development at Klímapolitika Research and Consultancy Ltd, and as an independent expert in climate and environmental issues. Her main focus is on climate policy, air-quality control and water policy.


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Bertram Marek


Political psychologist

He holds a BA in Political Science from ELTE, an MA in Communication and Media Studies from BME and an MSc in Political Psychology from the University of Kent. He is currently pursuing his PhD at ELTE PPK. His research focuses on the relationship between nostalgia and system criticism. Previously, he worked as a junior analyst at NielsenIQ. He is a fellow of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Zsófia Bíró

Research and project assistant 

International Relations Expert

She is a third-year International Relations student at King’s College London. She has studied 4 languages: Hungarian, English, German and Russian. She began her career as an intern at the Equilibrium Institute in February 2020. Currently, she is part of the international relations team and works as a research and project assistant.

Katalin Fekete

Head of the Secretariat at the Equilibrium Institute

After graduating from the College of Foreign Trade, she worked for several leading private financial services companies in the field of cash flow management and controlling. Between 2008 and 2013, the family was her first priority, living partly in Switzerland. Her experiences have been utilized in the field of cultural management from 2015.

Advisory Board

Zoltán Balázs

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Economist and political scientist

He is the Program Director of the doctoral program in political science at the Corvinus University of Budapest. He has held research fellowships at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin, the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (Wassenaar), the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon, and the University of St Andrews. His areas of research include analytical political theory, conservative political thought, Hungarian intellectual history, and the thought of Aurél Kolnai.

Gyula Gilly

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Physician and healthcare manager

He previously worked as the Program Director of the Ministry of Education‘s World Bank Higher Education Development Project. Following the creation of the Student Loan Centre, as the organisation’s CEO he played a leading role in spreading the use of student loans in Hungary. He also served as the CEO of the OTP Health Preservation Ltd (an affiliate of Hungary’s largest commercial bank OTP), and in that capacity he was actively involved in setting up the OTP National Health Insurance Fund and the design of its services. In the Ministry of Human Resources, he was a senior political advisor to the state secretary in the newly created State Secretariat for Higher Education.

Ágnes Havas

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Film and television expert

She is the former CEO of the Hungarian National Film Fund. In 2018, Variety magazine’s International Women’s Impact Report ranked Ágnes Havas among the 50 most influential women in the entertainment industry. She subsequently became the program director at the Hungarian division of HBO, and she served in the same capacity at the Hungarian television channels Spektrum and TV3. For several years she worked as the CEO of Skyfilm, where she worked jointly with Gábor Herendi as a producer. After that, she began managing her own company, Havas Films, which has operated as the Hungarian partner in the international joint production of several documentaries.

Edina Heal

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Technology consultant

Ms Heal is the former CEO of Google Hungary. She was on the cover of Forbes magazine’s 2015 issue on the most influential women in Hungary. Previously, she served as the CEO of Hungary’s most-listened-to and highest-grossing radio station at the time, Sláger. She also managed the EMI record label in Hungary, and she worked for Island Records, PolyGram, and EMI in London. She is the founder and director of Egyenlítő, a foundation that promotes women’s equality.

Imre Kovách

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Sociologist and a Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

He is a scientific advisor at the Institute for Sociology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Faculty of Social Science (MTA-TTK), a university professor, and the director of the doctoral program in sociology and social sciences at the University of Debrecen. His areas of research include rural society, social inequalities, and social integration. He has also served as the president of the European Society for Rural Sociology and is currently the vice president of the International Society for Rural Sociology. His work has been recognised in the form of several academic and state awards as well as a wide variety of invitations to teach as a visiting professor. He is a corresponding member of the Académie d’Agriculture de France.

István Síklaki

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Social psychologist

He is a professor emeritus at the Budapest Corvinus University and teaches in the doctoral program of the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences’ (ELTE) Department of Sociology. He previously worked as the managing editor of the division on psychological publications at the Gondolat publishing house in Hungary and then went on to work as a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Psychology. He formerly served as the Director of Research at the Sawyer-Miller Group’s Budapest office, and then as a researcher at the Medián Opinion and Market Research Institute.

Mária Törőcsik

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Economist and university professor

She teaches marketing, purchasing and consumer behaviour, and personality-based marketing. Her research focuses on consumer behaviour and its changing trends and patterns, as well as contemporary issues in marketing. She is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Business Management. She teaches in the doctoral programs of the University of Pécs and the Széchenyi István University.

László Urbán

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Economist and banking expert

He currently serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of the Slovenian NLB bank. After the regime transition, he was elected a Member of the Hungarian National Assembly. As a banking expert, he started out at the World Bank in Washington and then continued his career at ABN-AMRO in Hungary. He went on to serve as the vice president for corporate business at the Postabank, also in Hungary. At Citigroup in New York, he was in charge of global product development. Subsequently, in Hungary, he became the director of the Hungarian National Bank and then the deputy chairman of Hungary’s largest commercial bank, OTP. He is a former member of the EBRD Board of Directors.

Tibor Závecz

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board and co-founder of the Equilibrium Institute

Sociologist and public opinion researcher

He is the director of the ZRI Závecz Research Institute. Since 1989, his work has continuously focused on researching the social base of political parties; the political process; the public mood; and the political/ideological attitudes of citizens. He served as the director of public opinion research at Szonda Ipsos (later Ipsos), a leading Hungarian polling company, and he held this position for 25 years. His surveys and analyses of the public’s perceptions of social issues and political events have made him a regular presence in the Hungarian media where he frequently comments on issues in the orbit of his research.

János Zlinszky

Member of the Equilibrium Institute’s Advisory Board

Biologist and university professor 

He serves as the European Parliament’s delegate on the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the European Environment Agency (EEA). Previously, he worked as an expert for the United Nations’ Open Working Group (UN OWG) in New York. Before his job at the UN, he was the head of the Strategy and Research Division of the Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Future Generations. He also served as the senior environmental advisor to László Sólyom when the latter was the President of the Republic.

Senior Fellows

István Bart

Senior Fellow

Climate policy expert 

He has specialised on climate policy, the impact on society of climate change, emissions reduction, and adapting to climate change for twenty years. He previously served as the founder-director of the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI). He subsequently worked in Brussels at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action. During his employment in the Hungarian public administration, he was in charge of the introduction in Hungary of the EU Emissions Trading System.

Erik Bedö

Senior Fellow

Engineer, Economist

Erik Bedő graduated in Sweden, where he became a municipal representative and deputy MP. In 1992 he moved to Hungary, where he worked as a deputy general manager at IBUSZ Rt. Later he became a financial director at Pannon GSM, and then a general manager at the Matáv group. He founded his own consulting company in 2003, in the field of telecommunications and IT. Besides his work, he often deals with climate-related issues as well.

Áron Horváth

Senior Fellow


He is the founder-director of the ELTINGA Real Estate Research Centre, where he works as a researcher, analyst, advisor, and educator on issues involving the real estate market and cities. His work is regularly published in economics journals, and he drafts strategic briefs for business and policy decision-makers. He also teaches urban and real estate economics at the university level.

Judit Lannert

Senior Fellow

Scholar of education, a senior researcher at the Centre for Knowledge

Management and Educational Research (T-Tudok)

She has been actively engaged in studying and researching education for thirty years. She was the director of the Research Centre of the National Institute of Public Education, and she went on to serve as the deputy director of the Institute. She is the founder of the T-Tudok Centre for Knowledge Management and Educational Research, as well as of Kölöknet (Kid’s Net), a community website aimed at parents. As a researcher at Creative Partnerships Hungary, she is deeply committed to fostering creativity in schools.

Ábel Ravasz

Senior Fellow

Sociologist, political scientist

Ábel Ravasz is sociologist and political scientist from Dunajská Streda, Slovakia. He studied at ELTE and BCE, Budapest, as well as Columbia University in New York City. As a sociologist, he has been doing his fieldwork in the Gemer region as a founder and member of several NGOs. He is the founder and current president of the Bratislava-based Mathias Bell Institute specializing in minority policy and human rights. Between 2016 and 2020 worked as the Plenipotentiary of the Government of Slovakia for Roma Communities.

Katalin Szilágyi

Senior Fellow

Economist, university instructor

She worked as a junior assistant professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest’s Department of Macroeconomics. Subsequently, she worked on formal modelling for the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) and then became a liaison for the technical cooperation between the MNB and the International Monetary Fund. Next, she went on to work as a senior economist at the Prague-based OGResearch and became the head of its Budapest office. She has previously served as a senior analyst at the Equilibrium Institute.

András Szöllősi-Nagy

Senior Fellow

Hydrologist and an external expert at the Equilibrium Institute

He is a professor and head of the Water and Environmental Policy Department of the National University of Public Service. He worked for 25 years as a senior official at UNESCO. In that capacity, he was based in Paris as the Secretary of the International Hydrological Programme, and then he continued as the Rector of the UNESCO–IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft. He was on the Board of Governors of the Marseille-based World Water Council and also served as the president of UN-Water and of the UNESCO-IHP Intergovernmental Council, respectively. He is the recipient of numerous domestic and international prizes and awards.