About us

Our Vision

The Equilibrium Institute believes in a Hungary in which public discourse and policy-making are not dominated by a single political and economic vision. In the Hungary as we imagine it, various political visions, policy alternatives and the institutions promoting them are allowed to compete freely in the marketplace of ideas.

We believe in the ideal of a nation in which we are not afraid of our ideas being subject to contestation by alternative viewpoints and values, where our quest for new opportunities for advancement is rooted in rigorous debates based on mutual respect and trust.

The Equilibrium Institute believes in a Hungary in which the political, economic and cultural elite is committed to the future of the country and the nation and is capable of formulating new and creative visions of the future that aim to benefit the entire national community.

Following nearly two years of research, the Equilibrium Institute published its political-economic-societal vision, entitled Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians. A short take on our vision is available here. 

Our Mission

The Equilibrium Institute is working on an appealing and realistic future vision for Hungary, which will aim to promote the country’s advancement. We will build on this vision to draw up policy proposals that transcend the framework of the political discourse in Hungary today. The Equilibrium Institute is committed to overcoming the traditional partisan and ideological fault lines which prevail in Hungarian society and politics today to identify effective and forward-looking solutions to the challenges of the 21st century. The goal of the Equilibrium Institute is to establish itself swiftly as one of the most influential Hungarian think tanks in terms of shaping public discourse and thinking.

Our Values

The Equilibrium Institute is an autonomous institution that operates independently of all domestic and foreign political parties, as well as other political, economic, financial and interest groups. Its sole goal is to contribute – through its work in formulating visions and policies for our nation and by introducing new perspectives and solutions in Hungarian public discourse – to Hungary’s renewal and advancement amidst the challenges and opportunities that arise in the 21st century.

The work of the Equilibrium Institute is based on three fundamental values: the principles of freedom, solidarity and community.

The Equilibrium Institute believes that the productive competition between traditional ideologies is important and essential, but for its part it does not commit itself to any of the grand ideological frameworks.

The Equilibrium Institute is a future and problem-oriented policy think tank, which is why we consider democracy, the rule of law, a market economy operating alongside an actively engaged and responsible state, as well as a Euro-Atlantic foreign policy commitment as vital and indisputable cornerstones of our outlook on the world. The Institute is ready and willing to cooperate with any political, economic and cultural players who share our vision of Hungary’s future within the framework delineated by these cornerstones.

The operation of the Equilibrium Institute

In its research, the Equilibrium Institute presents alternative policies in areas of strategic importance to Hungary’s future, such as:

• delineating modern, inclusive and constructive national/community values and promoting social cohesion;
• eradicating poverty and regional disparities within Hungary;
• confronting new challenges in the labour market in the age of automation, continuous innovation and changing economic structures;
• tackling the demographic challenge facing Hungary;
• preserving and improving the natural environment and a clean, quality living environment for people;
• sustainable urban/settlement planning;
• developing alternative indicators of success that help us to more comprehensively capture the successes attained by a country, its quality of life.

The operation of the Equilibrium Institute is organised around five core activities:

1. The think tank draws up alternative political/economic/cultural visions for Hungary in order to shake up and renew public thinking.
2. The think tank performs social science research and public opinion surveys to better understand the values and motivations that prevail in Hungarian society.
3. The think tank drafts policy proposals and strategies.
4. The think tank hosts thematic events and publishes materials aimed at disseminating its own research insights as widely as possible.
5. The think tank provides training opportunities for up and coming generations who are actively engaged in debating and shaping policies.

The Equilibrium Group

The Equilibrium Institute, Future Forum Danubia (FFD) and the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) are members of the Equilibrium Group.

The Equilibrium Institute, Hungary’s future-oriented think tank, publishes political, economic and social studies and policy recommendations about Hungary’s present and future for decision-makers, heads of corporations and politicians.

Future Forum Danubia organises events featuring world-renowned academics and conducts analyses for order, in collaboration with the most professional and experienced academics, for decision-makers and opinion leaders.

The Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy, first and foremost, specializes in foreign affairs and security policy, participates in numerous international and regional projects, and also analyses the foreign policy of the NATO, the EU and Hungary.