We have visited the GLOBSEC Forum

Tamás Boros, the director of the Equilibrium Institute, and Dániel Bartha, the director of international…

We are launching a new project to share Hungarian experiences on decarbonisation!

Equilibrium Institute, among other think tanks in the V4 region, participates in a project which…

Browse the website of the EUKI project!

The website of the project supported by the German Government’s European Climate Initiative (EUKI) in…

Daniel Bartha at the 7th edition of Congress 590

Daniel Bartha, director of International Relations at the Equilibrium Institute was a speaker at Congress…

Our policy proposals are on the new government’s table

The mission of Equilibrium Institute is unchanged, our goal is for current and future political,…

New report published by GLOBSEC on gender equality and women’s media participation in Central Europe

Our colleague, Zsofia Biro has been included as one of the co-authors of the Report…

The Equilibrium Institute is Hungary’s independent think tank. In order to renew the political discourse in Hungary, we draft political, economic and cultural future visions and write detailed policy proposals and strategies based on these visions. We are engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the most important political, economic and cultural decision-makers. We persuade them of the importance of implementing our policy proposals, and we provide expert assistance in the process of policy implementation.


The Equilibrium Institute believes in a Hungary, in which diverse political visions and policy proposals can compete freely. In a Hungary, in which public discourse is not dominated by political power struggles, but by expert debates about the future of our country, and the consensus that emerges from these debates.

In 2020, the Equilibrium Institute published its political, economic, and social vision of Hungary entitled Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians. In this publication, we charted the path that we need to follow to make Hungary more prosperous and happier.

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Report: Post-election outlook for the Hungarian economy

Full report of the financial and geopolitical challenges over the next term (2022-2026)

How do we teach democracy?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for reforming civic education

How can we become wealthier?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for boosting economic growth


The community of Hungarians

A nation that is community-centred, stands in mutual solidarity and is future-oriented. Strengthening cooperation, democratic values, and cohesion in society. The place of Hungarian in Europe and the world. 

Clean Hungary

Cleaner natural and built environments. A tidier and cleaner country. Cleaner public life. Sustainability, combatting climate change and adapting to the changing climate.

Smart nation

Knowledge-based society, high-quality jobs. Social mobility and welfare. The foundations for our economic resurgence. A long, healthy, and happy life. Smart cities.



Future for NATO and Future for Hungany

Date: September 13, 2022, 09:00-15:00 The event will be live streamed on the Facebook page…

Hungary 2030 Conference

Date: 8th of March, 2022. 9:00-14:00. Location: Larus Restaurant and Event Centre

Budapest Climate Summit

Date: 7-8th October Location: Marriot Hotel, Budapest register to participate at the event


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