A nation committed to the values of community and solidarity. Reinforcing cooperation and cohesion in Hungarian society.

A nation with strong communities at its core, showing solidarity. Strengthening cooperation and cohesion in the Hungarian society. It is the natural instinct of humans to belong to a community. Hungary can only become a successful country – one that is able to compete on the international stage – if Hungarians learn to see themselves as members of a community that is based on common notions and goals, rather than common grievances and enemies.

Hence, the Equilibrium Institute prioritizes the revitalisation of the discussion surrounding the community of Hungarians, planting the seeds of a positive and future-oriented nationalism, developing forms of cooperation between individuals and groups, and reinstating the trust in democratic institutions and the state. We believe that in order to achieve this, it is key to develop democratic skills, encourage an autonomous and active civil society and strengthen the solidarity of the community.

The relevant recommendations of the Equilibrium Institute are available for download below.


How can we renew democracy?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for modernising democracy

Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians

After two years of research, the Equilibrium Institute has published its volume entitled Hungary 2030…