A clean country

A cleaner natural environment. A cleaner and better ordered residential environment. Cleaner public life.

In the runaway world of the 21st century, it is especially important to have something reliable and steadfast to hold on to. It is important to build on robust foundations, and to make sure that we can to continue to feel at home in our home country. A fundamental precondition of our mental balance and physical welfare is that our immediate lifeworld is shaped by cleanliness, transparency and the appropriate, well-ordered working of the things around us. A fundamental prerequisite of our liberty are order and security. The basis of our common success are a state that provides high quality public services and a clean public life. Furthermore, a clean natural environment and sustainability are not only the safeguards of our very survival, but also a tool for ensuring that Hungary can become one of the winners in the transforming global economy.

That is why the research of the Equilibrium Institute focuses especially on a comprehensive approach towards cleanliness and orderliness. This serves to foster a civic consciousness and the increased compliance of citizens with civic norms; shoring up the public commitment to the rule of law; the fight against corruption; the creation of quality public services; as well as climate adaptation, improved water and waste management, and new methods of urban planning; the changes which are needed to make our economy and everyday life sustainable; and the protection and nurturing of our natural environment.

The relevant recommendations of the Equilibrium Institute are available for download below.

How can we renew democracy?

The Equilibrium Institute’s policy proposals for modernising democracy


How do we get air that's fit for breathing? I.

The Equilibrium Institute’s proposals for improving air quality – heating and building sector


How do we get air that's fit for breathing? II.

The Equilibrium Institute’s proposals for improving air quality – transportation sector


Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians

After two years of research, the Equilibrium Institute has published its volume entitled Hungary 2030 – A Future Vision for Hungarians, which details our political, economic and social vision.


Let’s reclaim our waters!

On the possibilities of an urban water revolution in Hungary


Preserving our waters

The most pressing needs with respect to our aquatic vulnerabilities and for ensuring continued access to potable water