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It is our strong vision to actively exchange experiences and work on cross-border projects with think tanks like us. The Matthias Bel Institute (BMI), based in Bratislava, with which we have concluded a partnership agreement, fits into our profile. The Matthias Bel Institute has been working since 2014 to strengthen the idea of ​​civil Slovakia, keeping in mind the vision of a tolerant country. Its main goals include supporting local initiatives, interethnic cooperation, and the enhancement of commitment to democracy.

The agreement between EI and BMI will allow us to work more efficiently and more closely.

“The work of the Equilibrium Institute is an inspiration to our institute. By being able to break away from day-to-day political struggles and focus on a long-term political-economic vision, they create very important values for the community. The path designated by the Equilibrium Institute is a unique model that we would like to introduce in Slovakia as well. ” Explained Ábel Ravasz, President of BMI.

Our CEO, Tamás Boros, said when signing the agreement: “We consider it important that our policy proposals are based on the most successful practices in the region. It is useful if we can go beyond the framework of Hungarian public discourse and get to know ideas that were born abroad, but can also resonate in Hungary. The Matthias Bel Institute can be a good partner in this too. ”

Abel Ravasz, who was involved in the writing of our policy proposal “How to Reduce Poverty?” is joining the team of the Equilibrium Institute as an external expert.