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One of the most important European and national challenges facing us in this century is to ensure the secure and sustainable supply of the energy needed by businesses to operate and by the public in everyday household use. As a result of economic growth and the ongoing technological revolution, global energy needs – including those in Europe and Hungary – are continuously increasing, even as the most important and most pressing question facing us today is how we can meet this demand.

The energy revolution and the green transition will effect changes in the global economy of a magnitude that is only comparable in terms of historical impact with the industrial and information revolutions. Such major transformations always yield both winners and losers. If Hungary wishes to be part of the former group, we have to accelerate our transition in the area of energy policy. During the past decades, we were not among the top performers, and thus we now need to close the significant gap we have allowed to emerge in this area.

The full policy proposal is available here.