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The Conference on the Future of Europe has come to an end. The Conference, initiated by the European Commission, had the objective of bringing EU-citizens closer to EU decision-making by involving them in drafting proposals.

In the framework of a project that followed the developments of the Conference over more than a year, @Ecologic Institute organized a workshop in Berlin, where our senior climate and environmental policy expert, Dóra Csernus talked about the future of different initiatives aimed at strengthening participatory democracy, especially in the field of climate policies. She underlined that initiatives like the Conference were indispensable to help European citizens have strong ownership of the EU instead of considering Brussels as a distant bureaucrat.

The project was funded by the European Climate Initiative (@EUKI), with international partners like the Polish @Wise Europa, the Romanian @Global Focus Center, the Italian @Istituto Affari Internazionali, the Czech @Association for International Affairs or the Bulgarian @Gorichka.