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The Women’s Voices in the Media: A Look at Central Europe report aims to shed light on progress towards gender equality and women’s media participation in Central Europe (CE) and advance a series of recommendations for the creation of a more inclusive and equitable press landscape.

The report further seeks to raise public awareness regarding societal benefits, including inclusion and tolerance, that come from female media participation. It additionally contributes to addressing the data void on women’s voices in CE media. The promotion of more comprehensive narratives and policies on gender equality in Central Europe, fostered by the report, can contribute to a more stable, secure, and prosperous region.

Several pressing questions are explored:

  1. Why is there a need to examine women’s status in the media? What are the benefits of their participation in media?
  2. What is the current representation of women as authors and contributors at CE media outlets?
  3. What are the identifiable barriers for women to participate in media as authors and contributors? And what are some positive developments?
  4. How can women as authors and contributors in the media become more involved and influential?


You can view the full report at the following link: