The Equilibrium Institute, Hungary’s new think tank, has launched

2020, September 14 | Breaking, News

The Equilibrium Institute, Hungary’s new think tank, has launched.

The Equilibrium Institute is a radically future-oriented think tank which drafts future visions and policies for Hungary. In its work, the Equilibrium Institute does not engage with everyday politics, elections or partisan battles; our intellectual efforts are focused solely on Hungary’s long-term future. We work on developing the country’s political, economic and cultural future vision, and we wish to provide a solid intellectual foundation for our nation’s economic, social and political resurgence – amidst the rapid changes that characterize the 21st century, we have identified these as the main responsibilities and goals of the Equilibrium Institute.

We contemplate issues that receive less attention in public discourse than they deserve. Such topics include robotization and the changing labor market; the purity of our air and rivers and streams; national consciousness and the role of communities in national life; the future of education; the potential avenues for economic resurgence; and the changing world order.

The permanent research staff of the Equilibrium Institute and its Advisory Board are made up of economists, sociologists, political analysts, climate and foreign policy experts. Our diverse and highly qualified professional team has a wide range of experience in both academic research and the applied sciences.

You can stay abreast of news about the Equilibrium Institute’s first book, its policy proposals, events and podcasts by following our website at, our Facebook page or the coverage of our activities in the media.

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