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Hungarians are much more optimistic than before about their income situation, but still, only a quarter of the population could afford an unexpected expense

According to the Equilibrium Institute’s most recent opinion poll on poverty trends, the subjective income situation of Hungarians has improved overall, and they are more confident about the future than six months ago. However, only 25% of the population can say that they could easily spend 100,000 HUF (265 EUR) on an unexpected expense. 27% of the Hungarians earn less than HUF 200,000 HUF (530 EUR) net, which is not even enough to cover their meagre living expenses. Two-thirds of Hungarian households (67%) can only finance their expenses with minor or major difficulties. Nevertheless, a higher proportion of Hungarians than before say they have no problem paying their heating bills or putting meat and fish on the dinner table every other day.

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