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Hungarians still need a net 250,000 forints a month to make a meagre living, but 600,000 forints a month to live a carefree life

According to the September 2023 survey of subjective poverty trends conducted by the Equilibrium Institute, Hungarian households have become slightly more pessimistic in the past quarter: the share of those who expect a decrease in income in the next three months increased by 6 percentage points compared to the previous survey in June. At the same time, respondents reported a substantial increase in nominal incomes: the share of those earning a net monthly income of HUF 250,000 (€640) or less, i.e. enough to live on, fell by 10 percentage points compared to June. In addition to this, a net HUF 400,000 (€1,300) would be needed for an average lifestyle and HUF 600,000 net (€1,550) for a carefree living: the former would require HUF 50,000 net more than in June, the latter HUF 100,000 net more.

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