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A future-oriented study was published by Visegrád Insight, one of the authors of which is Dániel Bartha, Director of International Relation at the Equilibrium Institue

The initiative aimed to promote the V4 by presenting the near and medium-term future goals of the regions while analyzing past and current trends. The best approaches to enhance mutual understanding between V4 inhabitants are to plan ahead, debate the common future, and encourage innovation and creativity.

The report presents stakeholders and decision-makers with policy recommendations when it comes to the challenges and security issues facing the V4 countries, including the problems of automation, digitalization, educational reforms or migration.

Examining the different areas of V4 cooperation reveals what global trends are shaping the regional environment, what economic and technological developments are expected and what are the most effective means of strengthening the Visegrad Partnership.

Our colleague Dániel Bartha and former colleague Diána Bartha co-drafted the chapter on the key challenges and potential fields of cooperation in the education sector.

Visegrad Insight organized an online event related to the project, which could be followed by those interested on the organization’s Facebook page and Webex. The full study can be read here.