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The Megatrend Index of the Equilibrium Institute is following the trends that determine the success of European countries in the long run. Its goal is to present where the members of the European Union – Hungary amongst them – are standing in preparation of the global changes that will determine the trajectory of the 21st century.

The index incorporates the indicators of five global trends. These trends are education, digitalisation, sustainability, healthcare and social cohesion. Our indicators measuring each individual trend are evaluating the long-term trajectories, thus they are not concerned with the measures implemented in the year at hand, they are not showing the ruling party’s success or failure.

The Equilibrium Institute considers the examined fields potential break-out points. Embedding the discussions of the vast possibilities in these fields into public thinking would enable the Hungarian political discourse to become more modern and substantial. The yearly published Megatrend Index makes the decisions, regarding the most important policy areas, traceable and transparent for evaluation purposes.

According to the data provided by the latest Megatrend Index, Hungary is on the bottom of the middle league considering Europe. Social cohesion is where we score best: here we rank 18th among the 27 EU countries plus the UK. We achieved the second best score in the field of sustainability and education (we rank 19th on both measures), followed by digitalisation (20th place). We rank the lowest in healthcare among the five prominent megatrends of the 21st century, here we are only 24th.


You can view the full report at the following link: