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Achieving climate neutrality will require greenhouse gas emission reductions in all sectors, but the building sector can already deliver impressive results in the coming years. This requires 100,000 homes per year to undergo deep renovation – that is the way forward to decarbonise the entire housing stock by 2050.

While realizing the deep renovation of 100,000 homes per year, three main challenges have to be addressed:

  1. the rising construction prices and labour shortages,
  2. the capacity constraints of the electricity grid,
  3. the social challenges linked to decarbonisation (housing poverty, fuel poverty).

Let’s develop a building energy efficiency programme that spans several electoral cycles to avoid rising commodity prices and labour shortages! First, let’s assess the total housing stock! To this end, it should be compulsory for all housing to have an energy performance certificate within five years! This certificate should be the basis for all future renovation subsidies!

To reduce the construction capacity gap, let’s shift the focus from new construction to renovation! Let’s establish a clear renovation plan for different types of properties! The supply of products needed for building energy investments shall be broadened!



You can view the additional policy proposals at the following link: