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An estimated 12,000-13,000 people die each year as a result of air pollution. Our goal is to save these lives and to improve the quality of life for Hungarians, to increase the number of years they get to enjoy in good health. It is also important to point out that air pollution is to a large extent an issue of poverty: We need to ensure that the poor do not become the victims in the struggle for clean air.

The most important air pollutants are particulate matters and nitrogenoxides. Since a large portion of these are generated by transportation, this should also be one of our main areas of focus in the effort to combat air pollution.

Starting in 2030, new motor vehicles that rely only on internal combustion (petrol or diesel) engines should no longer be allowed to register.

Relying on our EU membership, we need to take an active part in scaling back the importation of the most pollutive vehicles, while at home we should get rid of the most pollutive cars by offering their owners benefits in exchange for scrapping these cars.


You can view the additional policy proposals at the following link: