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The Equilibrium Institute, Future Forum Danubia and Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) join forces in a bid to further cooperation the name of Equilibrium Group.

The Equilibrium Institute, Hungary’s future oriented think tank, publishes political, economic and social studies and policy recommendations about Hungary’s present and future for decision-makers, heads of corporations and politicians.

Future Forum Danubia organises events featuring world-renowned academics and conducts analyses for order, in collaboration with the most professional and experienced academics, for decision-makers and opinion leaders.

The Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy, first and foremost, specializes in foreign affairs and security policy, participates in numerous international and regional projects, and also analyses the foreign policy of the NATO, the EU and Hungary.

The Equilibrium Group’s team of researchers and its advisory board consists of economists, sociologists, political analysts, climate experts, and foreign policy experts. The group of educated academics and highly skilled professionals rely on their expertise in academic research and applied sciences to create high quality recommendations, proposals and studies. The colourful and highly trained professional team has a multitude of experiences in both academic and applied research.