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 The Equilibrium Institute operates based on the support of all those (Hungarian private individuals, companies and foundations) who are committed to Hungary’s future. Those who wish for Hungary to be even more successful in 2030. Those who want our public discourse to center on the future rather than the past.

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The Equilibrium Institute is an autonomous organization that operates independently of all domestic and foreign political parties and political, economic and financial interest groups. It is dedicated exclusively to the idea of fostering the renewal of Hungary by drafting visions and policies, and enriching public discourse with novel perspectives and solutions that can help us tackle the new challenges and seize the opportunities brought by the 21st century.

The Equilibrium Institute gratefully accepts any kind of financial support for its activities, which it will dedicate towards promoting Hungary’s intellectual capital.

To preserve our independence, we neither promise nor provide any services in exchange for funding. Based on the Equilibrium Institute’s Code of Ethics, donations from any single private individual or any organization may not exceed 10% of our annual budget. This helps ensure that our intellectual work is free of outside influence – just as we pledge to all our supporters.

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In its research, the Equilibrium Institute highlights alternative policy solutions on issues of such strategic importance as:

  • creating an education system that is accessible to all and promotes social mobility
  • the search for values that define a modern, inclusive and constructive nation/community and reinforce social cohesion
  • eliminating poverty and regional differences between Hungary
  • confronting the new challenges in the labor market in the age of automation, continuous innovation and a transforming economic structure
  • solving the demographic challenge facing Hungary
  • protecting and preserving the natural environment and ensuring a comfortable and clean residential environment, as well as the necessary developments
  • sustainable urban/municipal planning

Click here to support the Equilibrium Institute!