Cleaner natural and built environments. A tidier and cleaner country. Cleaner public life. Sustainability, combating climate change and adapting to the changing climate.

In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, it is vital that we have buttresses that hold our lives together. It is the precondition of our mental balance and physical wellbeing that our direct surroundings are determined by transparency, cleanliness and the smooth and organised operation of things. The essential condition of our liberty is order and security. The basis of our common successes is a quality welfare state and a clean public life. Sustainability and the cleanliness of nature is not only the precondition of our existence, but is also a tool for our country to become one of the winners of the changing economic world order.

Hence, the Equilibrium Institute pays special attention to the general concept of cleanliness and order while crafting its policy papers. This concerns the development of the self-awareness of citizens and their respect for norms, the strengthening of the rule of law and the fight against corruption, the establishment of quality public services, climate adaptation, the new methods of water and waste management and the novel methods of sustainable municipal planning, the transition to a sustainable economy and sustainable way of life and the protection of our natural environment.

The relevant recommendations of the Equilibrium Institute are available for download below.


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